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addressing the root causes

Help us combat food insecurity and address other social determinants of health in Durham! 

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We aim to work as health professionals to support the sustainable and humane production of food in combination with access to healthy food. Through our programs, we hope to involve the Duke medical community in improving the health of our patients and community through a stronger local food system.

Additional Food Resources

We understand that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic represents a challenging time for our community. In the wake of rising food insecurity caused by this crisis, we have put together a short list of Durham-based food resources still in operation. 


We understand that the needs of our community have changed in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Please complete a brief survey to help us know how the outbreak is affecting you and how we can best serve you with community food share programs like this. 

HELP Address Important social Determinants of Health

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