Wellnest: Housing Support Program

The Gap in the Homelessness Care Continuum

According to the National Healthcare for the Homeless Council, “housing is healthcare” (“Homelessness & Health: What’s the Connection?” 2019). For the city of Durham this holds especially true with affordable housing being listed as Durham’s number one health priority ("Durham County Community Health Assessment." 2017). While there are multiple organizations in Durham dedicated to helping people experiencing  homelessness find housing, healthcare providers and community partners alike have identified a gap in  ”tenancy support”. Tenancy support includes both the structural and social support needed to help ease the transition from homelessness. By addressing this gap, Wellnest aims to alleviate stressors during the housing transition that puts individuals at a higher risk for worsening health and returning to homelessness.

Our Goals: 

In partnership with Durham Homeless Transitions, Alliance Healthcare, Healthcare for the Homeless, Duke Outpatient Clinic, Community Empowerment Fund, and Reinvestment Partners, the DukeMed student run Tenancy Support Program aims to improve the health of patients who have a history of chronic homelessness by pairing interdisciplinary teams of students with community members during the housing transition period to provide tenancy support. 

Our Partners:
  • Durham Homeless Care Transitions (Project Access of Durham County)

  • Community Empowerment Fund

  • Root Causes Fresh Produce Program

  • Root Causes Healthy Harvest

  • Obtain referrals of community members in Durham transitioning from homelessness

  • Furniture Support Program

    • Source furniture and provide free move-in support for recently housed individuals

  • Longitudinal Support Program

    • Pairs students with community member preparing to move into housing

    • Meets monthly with community member before, during, and 1 year after the moving process

    • Provides community resources and sets tailored goals to help in the transition to community member’s new home

The Project: 
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